Antique Looking Earrings

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Collecting Earrings : How to Find Vintage Earrings

Clip Earrings for any Occasion

This year, it’s easy to find great clip-on earring styles to go with just about any outfit in your closet. Now the hard part is choosing which ones to wear first. Check out our top pick for clip earring must-haves that will turn heads and have you looking like one fierce fashionista!

Drop earrings – Clip earrings that dangle and dust the collarbone make a perfect accessory when paired with this seasons’ hottest trend – the asymmetrical neckline. Sparkly chandelier clip earrings look elegant when worn with a one shoulder cocktail dress, while beaded earrings go great with a casual Grecian inspired summer top. So clip on some earrings and head out looking hot.

Cut out earrings – Clip earrings with cut out or carved shapes are great for adding a subtle feminine edge to basic pieces. Throw on a pair of these clip-on earrings in an earthly material like wood or cork for a versatile accessory that can easily take you from the weekend to a vacation outing.

Antique looking earrings – Clip earrings in vintage inspired designs like Art Deco and Art Nouveau are great when you want to add glamour to evening gowns for events like weddings, special dinners, parties and reunions.

Prim and proper earrings – Classic pearls and simple studs will never go out of style. These fashion staples are the perfect clip earrings for everyday wear to the office or for running errands around town.

Homage to childhood – Sometimes, you want to feel like a little girl again. The best way to add an innocent and beautiful pair of clip earrings is to look for ones that have simple designs and great craftsmanship. For example, try a pair of bow shaped earrings or fun charms like strawberries, ice cream cones or cupcakes. There’s no reason why you can’t sport these fun favorites at any age!

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Antique Looking Earrings

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is gold from the Victorian period a darker colour than modern gold?

I bought a pair of earrings in an antique jewelers, they were described as Victorian.

To my untrained eye they certainly looked 'old', and I don't care if I have been gullible or not because I love them, however, they look sort of bronze coloured now I have them home and I just wondered?


Perhaps because they are old they may have a sort of patina on them? Maybe they are in need of a bit of a polish. I hate that bright, shiny, new gold look anyway. Everything looks like it fell out of a fairground arcade game.

It's hard to be sure what really constitutes an antique, I was going to ask a question about what's the true definition of antique. I always believed it meant at least 100 yrs old but apparently this isn't strictly so. After my drawer restoring odyssey I have become obsessed with old furniture and am now also the proud owner of a 1930's sideboard that I am messing about with. This was billed as an antique. I doubt it really but I love it so much I don't care. I am now 'sourcing' a wardrobe! You wouldn't believe some of the cr@p people are trying to flog as antiques.