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Brass Oxid

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Brass Tubing for Hot-Water Plumbing

The use of brass tubes as water pipes easily gained popularity after many discovered its countless benefits and affordability. Brass is a metal alloy that resulted from the combination of copper and zinc. Many prefer brass tubes over other metals for their plumbing needs. This is because pipes made of brass are easier to install, thus, they consume less overhead cost.

Aside from being cheap, correctly proportioned brass pipes with 67-85 percent copper and 15-33 percent zinc tend to corrode far lesser than wrought-iron or galvanized steel. Therefore, with the best-grade brass tube called "red brass pipe," water—unless containing ammonia—has little effect or oxidation. Because this material does not tarnish easily, a smaller type or size of pipe can already be used without diminishing the volume of water that it can supply.  Thus, the red brass pipe turns out to be space-efficient, as well, especially for commercial buildings or condominiums.

More importantly, using brass in plumbing material makes for a particularly good hot-water distribution line. Hot water rusts steel much faster than cold water does; steel pipes also tend to color hot water red because of the instant corrosion. Hence, it is wise to use brass tubes for hot-water plumbing because they will surely last long.

Brass tubing in plumbing provides the convenience of having warm water available all the time, for taking a shower, for dishwashing, for cooking, and for cleaning. Brass tubes also eliminate all the worries of having rusty or grimy hot water from decomposing pipes.

According to several home and building inspectors, brass tubing has an average life expectancy of 50 years. In fact, some brass water supply pipes in 75-year-old buildings were found to be still in good condition. That is quite remarkable, considering the number of water consumers residing in those buildings. With only minimal deterioration, brass tubes, including hot water pipes, are tested to last longer than steel.

Additionally, builders can set brass fittings into brass pipes to prevent the latter's deterioration. The contact of dissimilar metals proved to be conducive to electrolytic decomposition of the usual iron fittings. To avoid this, get the appropriate brass fittings for the pipes. It is best to buy both from the same brass tubes suppliers.

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