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Level Quality

QC Solutions: The Leaders In Mortgage Quality Control Software

When the real estate industry peaked in 2006, many mortgage lenders disappeared in the aftermath. The disappearance of some of the largest names in the mortgage industry was linked to the quality and value of the mortgages they were offering to their customers. For most of those lenders, this outcome could have been avoided with the help of proper quality control techniques. That's why QC Solutions has developed first-class mortgage quality control software to help clients ensure that they are providing quality loans to their customers.

Formed in 2003, QC Solutions is an industry leader in providing industry leading quality control software for the mortgage industry. One of QC Solutions' marquee software applications is their FullCircle mortgage quality control software. FullCircle is a top-level quality control automation software system for mortgage lenders that fund loans through investors. This highly adaptable mortgage quality control software enables mortgage lenders to detect instances of fraud in a timely manner and provides statistical information related to predicting the possibility of an early loan default as well as statistics which will help to evaluate group loan portfolios for sale or purchase.

In comparison to most other mortgage quality control software, FullCircle is highly-tailored to be user-friendly. This unique mortgage quality control software is designed so that new users can be taught how to use it with only a few hours of tutorial time provided by the QC Solutions quality control experts.

In addition to making their proprietary mortgage quality control software simple to use, the experts at QC Solutions have also enabled FullCircle to function when placed on a central server to be shared over an entire corporate structure so that offices across the globe can reap the benefits of this industry-leading mortgage quality control software. Within this industry-leading mortgage quality control software application, users will also find checklists providing information related to resource reviewing processes. These checklists help corporations to make best use of their staff, saving them time and money in key areas.

By providing firsthand data at every stage of the lending process, FullCircle has now become one of the most widely-used mortgage quality control software applications on the market today.

As well as their expertise in mortgage quality control software, QC Solutions offer a number of country-wide third-party services. These services include mortgage banking consulting, reverse mortgage consulting, quality assurance and training to help ensure regulatory compliance. QC Solutions' consulting services allow their clients to concentrate on marketing and sales while the experts within QC Solutions use their knowledge of mortgage quality control software to fine tune the lenders' in-house loan processes, providing a cost-saving service that leading lenders cannot afford to miss out on.

About QC Solutions:
QC Solutions is a Florida-based company which produces quality control software for the mortgage industry. The company's primary software offering, FullCircle is a low-cost, user-friendly mortgage loan analysis application which is changing the way the industry works by providing precise, timely data to mortgage lenders. For more information, please visit qcsolutions.

About the Author

QC Solutions was formed in 2003 to develop top of the line software for the mortgage industry. Management believed there was a better methodology to produce Quality Control Software that would save lenders time and money by being more user friendly and as paperless as possible. For more information please visit www.qcsolutions.com.com.

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Level Quality
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