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Why Ought A Person Invest In The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin?

The unfortunate predictions or projections that market gurus all over the world are making about the national and global economies is enough to dampen the spirits of the most hardy and optimistic traders. The latest global depression combined with fears of a possible double dip depression has caused the stocks and currencies almost everywhere in the world to drop and become too high-risk to use as investment instruments. Nevertheless, all is not lost because certain things are still reliable for serious traders in every country. A good example is the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin which is likely to see a consistent increase in price and, at least, will maintain its worth. This is the why investors everywhere in the world are trying to get by the current unstable economic environment by buying double eagle gold coins. Below are a few reasons why the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle $20 gold coin is seen as such a trustworthy and reliable instrument.

New Release
Recently unveiled by the US Mint, is the 2009 ultra high relief double eagle rare metal coin created to satisfy the dream of it's original creator, Augustus St. Gaudens. St Gaudens had a goal of developing an ultra high relief gold coin in 1907, but was not actually able to to achieve it basically because of the technical limitations of his era.

Gold rates
Gold has always been considered the safest vehicle for investment in times of uncertainty like the latest one that we are experiencing. In point of fact, one of the more intriguing aspects of gold prices is that they consistently move in the opposite direction to the value of the dollar. At present, it is expected that gold prices will set a new record for the longest run of yearly growth since the decade of 1920. Gold is predicted to post an annual rise in prices for the tenth consecutive time at the end of this year. Therefore, the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin is, currently, one of the most attractive commodities there for any investor seriously hoping to beat the economic uncertainness that is plaguing nearly all other investment options like currencies, stocks and mutual funds.

The Saing Gaudens Gold Coin, just like it's similar modern counterpart, the American Eagle Gold Coin, is one of the only bullion coins in the world that comes with a national government's guarantee. The United States government guarantees to the owner the coin's purity, weiight and content, so he/she can be certain of the value of the coin. The certainty that a national government's guarantee offers to the purchaser is one of the prime reasons why the majority of investors are so enthusiastic about investing in Saint Gaudens Double Eagles.

There is nothing as easy to purchase or sell as the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin owing to the guarantee of the US government. This means the coins can be bought and sold in all the important world markets, and that provides the investor a liquidity level that few other investment instruments can give. What's more, considering that the price of Saint Gaudens Double Eagles is dependent on the going price of gold in the world, it can easily be tracked through live feed or newspapers.

Aside from that, it should be noted that the majority of dealers won't even ask an investor for his social security number or any other proof of identification before confirming a transaction. Fot that reason, privacy is one of the benefits of investing in the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin.
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Frequently Asked Questions...

Budget subwoofer for music? (Rock mainly)?

I recently bought a BIC F12 subwoofer, but returned it.I didn't like it as it was mainly for movies and home theater use, and with music it didn't give the bass I was looking for as it just rumbled. I want a subwoofer for hard rock/metal music that can appropriately define the kick pedal of the drums and double-bass notes of the song. Any suggestions?

Less than $250 is what I am looking for.


You don't need a subwoofer. You need a pair of decent speakers with decent woofers (woofers... anybody remember woofers?) These days everything is little, tiny, plastic speakers that go squark twinkly and "subwoofers" that go thud, oomph. Sounds like crap if you asked me. That Newegg thing is a joke. It should be scrambled. Cerwin Vega is still making good old "monkey coffin" speakers with good old fashioned woofers. Big ones too. They seem to look good on paper and the older CV speakers that I have heard could kick out the rock and roll like nobodies business. Their prices are quite reasonable too. Get yourself a pair of big speakers with 12" or 15" woofers. Hell, even healthy 10" woofers will reproduce a pretty hard kick drum hit, and you will get what you are looking for. Most modern consumer grade subwoofers are crappy, muddy, noise machines.