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Five well-known Chinese lacquer

    Jiangsu Yangzhou lacquer ware originated in the Qin and Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, developed in the Tang Dynasty, flourishing in Ming and Qing dynasties, is rich in folk art and regional characteristics, Ming-Zhu Zhou, Yangzhou artists pioneered by gold and silver jewelry, jade agate, crystal hawksbill turtles and other high-grade materials, carved landscapes, figures, flowers, pavilions, plume, embedded in Tan pear lacquer on the "lacquer inlay" technique. For thousands of years, Yangzhou lacquer art gradually formed a "child-shaped solid, working fine, shiny bashful Run, modeling chic" style, and the tick red carved lacquer, flat grinding mosaic inlaid with mother-of soft mosaic inlaid with mother, 100 Po-inlay (Zhou system) other well-known varieties, Yangzhou lacquer lacquer with Beijing, Fujian, bodiless lacquerware known as China's "three lacquer ware."

    Chengdu Lacquer

    According to historical records, Sichuan since ancient times, rich with cinnabar lacquer, Chengdu is the birthplace of one of the earliest lacquer ware in China. In 2000, from the Warring States period unearthed in Chengdu ship coffin found in a large number of fine workmanship, decoration gorgeous, bright lacquer still shows that the Warring States Period, lacquerware Shu is already very well developed.

    The world-famous Western Han Tomb in Changsha, Hunan, Mawangdui unearthed a large number of exquisite lacquerware, most of which are branded "into the city of grass", "fed into the city" (ie, Chengdu-made), etc. keep in mind that have elapsed since the 2000 years of history, That period of Chengdu, the National lacquer manufacturing center.

    Chengdu lacquer is hand-made, mainly in wood, earth paint as raw materials, according to the design requirements will be made of wood car type, and then to impose the paint processed. Its decorative techniques include: carving, inlay, painted, painted, pile, paste and so on. One carved fill color, silver and silk piece is unique in Chengdu lacquer style, unique skills at the national industry.

    Beijing lacquerware

    Beijing lacquerware at the latest should be created during the Yuan Dynasty. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, has been decorated as a palace is an important component. Because of the process is different from Beijing can be said to a wide variety of lacquer ware, in addition to the common three-dimensional mosaic, mosaic and painting, etc. Po-100 varieties, there are a number of processes have also been used in the production of lacquer, resulting in the carving and engraving and ash-gray filled lacquer species.

    Fill in the wooden carved lacquer ware on the tires, after plastering, painting after painting many times. Subsequently according to patterns, sketched out the shallow fine lines, and then an opposite direction to gold and silver powder or to fill Cai Qi made. After the above process to fill made of carved lacquer ware in artistic expression, on the floor than in gray ash to the inscription carved lacquer richer. Carved lacquer ware, as an important species to fill in the Ming and Qing dynasties, when the number survive in the world is not a lot. Spread to the community, more rarely, and now most of them were some large museum collections, the last two years, with the ability to enhance the appreciation of collectors, carved lacquer ware filled gradually been recognized.

    Fujian lacquer

    Sambo Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware, one of over 200 years of history, its sturdy lightweight texture, shape and elegant chic, elegant color, bright, decorative fine, strong and durable, with a unique national style and strong local characteristics, and Beijing Cloisonne, Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain, known as China's traditional crafts, "Sambo."

    Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Fuzhou lacquer. Reportedly清乾隆年间, painter Shen Choain found in a temple while the door plaque has been rotting wood, but the paint gray linen mount it at the end of the embryo is intact. Shen Choain carefully inspiration, home continuously refined tests, inherit and carry forward the traditional lacquer ware, and created a first bodiless lacquerware. Shen Choain become the originator of Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware.

    Bodiless bodiless lacquerware production methods are divided into two kinds of tires and wood. Born out based on soil, plaster, wood molds for the products, blank tire, and then use grass cloth (linen), or silk, and lacquer layer by layer in the billet mount it up on the tire until dry, after crushing, or off of the original tire, the left under the cloth shapes, and then through the ash, the polishing, paint grinding, to impose a variety of decorative patterns, and thus was a beautiful bright "bodiless lacquerware" handicraft of.

    Yangjiang lacquer

    Yangjiang, Guangdong Province began in the late Ming and early Qing lacquer, more than 300 years of history. Yangjiang lacquer sub-skin tires, paper, tires, wood tire, the products mainly include daily crafts, furniture, lacquer ware which the fetal skin is most traditional characteristics. It is moisture-proof, durable, but also quaint appearance, are exported to Southeast Asian countries on the liberation, liberation in order to paint boxes, paint pillow and small pieces of lacquer ware is known for. Yangjiang, a traditional suitcase with fir tire paint, paste both inside and outside layer of cowhide, after reinforcement ironing again formed on the surface painted. Museums around the celebrity pictures and use it to store. Paint the wooden pillow is woven with rattan on the layout of a layer of leather sets, ironing painting made of the advantage of strong, moisture-proof, water-resistant, light weight without cracks.

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