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Cutlery Laminated

Advantages of Laminated Blades

Teak Countertops: Why Plantation Teak Should be on Your Shopping List

Shopping for new countertops? The number of factors that go into choosing the perfect new countertops for your dream kitchen can certainly border on the absurd. So what's the best way to narrow down your options?

What's the most important aspect of kitchen countertops? Durability? Sustainability? For most people, looks has to be at the top of the list.

Whichever of these factors reigns supreme in your world, plantation teak should definitely be on your short list. Nothing can add that warm, easy feel to a kitchen interior like the natural beauty of teak countertops. At the same time, few other countertop materials can boast the light eco-footprint of plantation teak.

Once in short supply due to deforestation in Southeast Asia, teak is making a comeback through the hard work of teak forestry operations. As a result of these efforts, plantation teak is now being offered alongside materials like bamboo as a alternative to old-growth wood countertops.

Teak's rich colors and tight grains have long been admired by design gurus. Likewise, teak's a favorite among chefs because of its high level of natural oils that resist moisture and microbes. These unique resins give teak countertops the ability to hold up under the intense wear and tear of a busy kitchen while keeping their great looks intact.

In the past, bamboo was the only option for environmentally-conscious consumers. Now, the renewable cultivation of teak has given yet another way for consumers to bring the beauty of sustainable countertops into their homes. And while both materials will add a little natural beauty to your space and both have excellent records for durability, bamboo tends to fall a bit short in a couple of kitchen tests.

Because bamboo is a reed, bamboo surfaces are composed of many laminated strips, glued together -- so its important to ensure that the laminates used are non-toxic and aren't otherwise harmful if consumed. Also, if you plan to do a lot of cutting, these glues and laminates can be very tough on high-end cutlery.

Teak, on the other hand (shown above), can be assembled into end grain blocks, which not only eases the wear and tear on knife blades, but also gives the surface a self-healing property that hides knife marks and gouges. End grain blocks are not only appealing for their practicality, end grain block construction showcases the contrasting pattern's of teak's growth rings. This contrasting pattern of dark heartwood and golden outer rings gives end grain countertops a stunning mosaic like appearance.

Face grain teak countertops offer a slightly more cost-effect way to bring the unique grain pattern of teak into your kitchen. These counters are made up of longer sheets of teak that highlight the tight swirling grain pattern. Both styles are sure to catch the eye of you kitchen guests, and both are exceptionally durable due to teaks natural oils.

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Cutlery Laminated