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Frequently Asked Questions...

i thinking of taking diet pills to slim down?

I'm 21 years old pretty healthy ...i just wanna loose like 15 lbs so i could model ...have a thin body

what diet pills should i take ?

my body:


diet pills are stimulents that raise your metabolism but when you go off them your metabolism is super slow and will cause you to gain all the weight back plus more even faster than you lost it

Glam Pill


Look Younger Naturally With Natural Tips And Easy Ways To Look Younger With Make Up Tips

Consistent skin care regime along with healthy lifestyle can together help to reduce aging signs. But sometimes when your skin looks just too tired, a quick fix solution is all you need. While there is no magic pill that can do the trick in the pat of an eye, still there are a few tips to look younger that can freshen up your skin and give you a youthful appearance with a day.

Diet to Look Younger

1.    Sunflower Seeds – These seeds are a powerhouse of selenium and Vitamin E and have useful qualities to get back that youthful glow. Stark improvement in the elasticity of skin and wrinkles would be noticed with regular intake of sunflower seeds.

2.    Almonds – Consume some almonds daily as your delicious mid-afternoon snack. They are rich in Vitamin E and promote healthy hair, nails and skin. You can also notice their benefits in averting damage to cell membranes due to peroxides, sun rays and air pollution.

3.    Cucumber – You may use cucumber as a cleanser or eat it as salad. They are just excellent to rejuvenate dehydrated and tired skin. Water content in cucumbers is quite high along with higher levels of silica, which is an essential mineral for glowing skin.

Tips to Look Younger

1.    Drink up! – As mentioned above, dehydrated skin can make wrinkles prominent. Drinking a minimum of 8-12 glasses of water everyday is mandatory. Also, make sure that you are not thirsty when you retire for the day at night. Avoiding dehydrated drinks like coffee or alcohol also helps to rejuvenate the skin.

2.    Take sufficient sleep – A good night sleep revives your skin from all the stress endured during the day. When you are in deep sleep, a hormone name melatonin is released, which aids in cell restoration. Damaged cells of the skin are thereby repaired and you wake up with a vibrant and healthy skin.  

3.    Limit your exposure to sun – The primary reason for premature ageing is sun. though it is almost impossible to obstruct sun rays completely but using protective clothing, hats and sunscreens are a must to minimize the exposure. Tanning salons and sun beds should obviously be avoided.  

Look younger makeup tips

1.    Gloss your lips – lips become drier and thinner with age. Using dark lip colors would only highlight the fine lines that surround the lips. Toss away all matte finish and brown color lip colors. Glosses are the best bet to make the lips look supple, youthful and fuller.

2.    Adhere to creams, no shimmers for you – While shimmers might have been your favorite in your glam teen years but it's time that you bid adieu to them. Shimmer eye shadows highlights wrinkles and fine lines that are forming near your eyes.

3.    Define your eyes and fill in your brows – Eyelids start drooping and eyes begin to recede inside deeper as you age. Curl the eyelids, apply mascara, line the eyes and make them attractive and come out bright and full from their sockets. Smudging mascara is a good idea to give a youthful and natural look.

4.    Go easy with concealer and foundation – While it is necessary that you conceal every dark spot and blemish on the face but be careful that you do not overdo your make-up. This would only deepen the appearance of your lines and wrinkles, especially as you smile or laugh.

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