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antique early 1900s handmade wooden custom fit razor or knife sharpening stone

Knife Early

Knife Early

Relocation Tip: The Clock Is Ticking To Begin Packing

To be certain that your stuff get to your new home in one piece and solid, you should seek out a trained professional. Still, trying to save money, many people choose to do their packing themselves.

If you don't want to hire movers, you need to really take charge of packing and get started now, so that you will have plenty of time for the unforeseen issues that may arise. Remember, packing requires a lot of planning and preparation so it is never too early to start!.

Important Packing Tips:

To start with, make a check list of things that need to be packed. Check with your transporter or ask for online moving quotes about probable habits to pack them. You should pay close attention to packing methods for delicate items.

Be sure to gather the needed packing materials and boxes. Ask, at your local grocery or wine store for some empty cartons. These cartons can be useful when packing small items like cooking utensils, clothing, and other knickknacks. Plastic containers can also be used for this and then washed out and used again and again afterward!

Buy bubble wrap or use your clothes and linen for wrapping fragile items. Old newspapers are also very good to use for this purpose. It is not uncommon for them to damage clothing and other items.

Labeled shipping boxes with inerasable ink and use reinforced shipping tape to tightly wrap these shipping boxes. Labeling your boxes can be useful when it comes time to unpack.

Make sure the tops of all boxes are flat before they are sealed shut. Do not over-pack the boxes as this may cause damage to the contents. Boxes containing the fragile items must be marked. You should also label the boxes with important stuff which you want to be unloaded first.

Write your name on the top of each box to ensure that your possessions don't get lost or unloaded at the wrong place. One good idea is to list all of the boxes and their content in the event that something is lost or broken.

Keep scissors or a good knife at hand, they will be useful when you unpacking. Include these items into your shopping list, when preparing for packing.

If you put your clothing in see through trash bags you'll know what is in each bag. Still, don't use thin bags which can rip and tear easily. For this grounds, many poignant moving companies don't like their consumers using waste baggage as packing materials. So, purchase the thickest bags possible and try to minimize their use.


There is one final thing you must remember. Movers are responsible for any damage done to your items while they are moving them from one place to another. The relocation companies are only liable for damage caused to the outside of the packages though, if the owner packs the cartons, that's.

The meaning of this is that if you do not pack your belongings properly, you will be responsible for any damage to your items. Keep in mind that the relocation company has the right to refuse carrying a packaged that is not boxed up to their standard and will ask the customer to repack the packaged goods.

In order to avoid damage, you should double check yourself whether all the things are properly packed and all the cartons are carefully sealed.

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