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Sunray Hair

The Sun Ray Cutting Technique

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Climate

Hair care must be changed as the season and climate changes. Remember that to stay away from the dandruff and baldness, you need to take the good care of your hairs. Special hair care techniques should be used during the hot and humid climate otherwise you may end up with the lot of dandruff in the hairs. Your hairs will become rough due to the more concentration of the salt in the sea coastal areas. In the hot and humid climate your hairs make change the color and get dry due to the high temperature even the color of your hairs may be changed. Hair loss is promoted in such an environmental condition. So, here are some hair care tips that should be followed during the hot and humid climate:

1. Wash your hairs regularly. This will help to remove the particles of dust that are carried along with the humid air. In washing process allow your hairs to rinse at least for 10 minutes in the soap (use special liquid soaps or conditioners for hairs) before you clean them with water. This helps to clean hairs thoroughly.

2. When in the sun make it a point to cover the hairs with the cap otherwise it may be harmful to your hairs. They may get dry, which would make them thin, thus they will broke or fall easily. You can also tie a bandana for the protection against harmful sunrays.

3. If you go out on a beach then remember to take special hair care because the salt in the water or in the wind may damage your hairs. The best thing would be to apply oil on the hair before you go at the sea shore. The oil will act as the protection layer and will not allow the sand and salt to damage your hairs. While in the sea you can even wear the cap to protect the hairs.

4. Humidity can affect your hair in a bad way in the summer making your hair wilt. Apply some conditioner (suitable for your hairs) to towel dried hair. This will add volume and also detangle your hair. This way you can protect the hair.

5. Remember to apply some little bit of oil once in two days to protect them from getting dry in the hot climate. Oil will make your hair reflective and thus the sun rays will get reflected thus causing less harm to the hair.

6. If you have a long hairs then please tie them up when you are outside. More care needs to be taken of the long hairs. Wash them regularly, keep them clean, and oil them properly to maintain your long hairs at stable condition.

7. Don’t use the drier to dry the hairs during the hot and humid climate because this will put a stress on the already weak hairs and thus will promote the hair loss. Always use a soft towel to dry the hairs.

8. After swimming in the salt water, make it point to wash the hair with tap water. This will remove the salt and chlorine from the hairs.

These are the simple hair care tips that can safeguard your hair from the hot and humid climate. If you use these tips then hair loss can be prevented and you can maintain the hair in better condition.

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